Get to Know Us


Three to Thrive is a marriage ministry born out of a request from the heart of the Church – to raise up and enrich married life through accompanying the young married couple from engagement through the first 5 – 10 years of marriage. It truly takes three to thrive and to live this great vocation that many have been called to; however, there is no instruction manual included. Three to Thrive wants to provide a community and a formation for the young engaged or newly married couple to help them navigate the practical and spiritual realities of their life’s greatest adventure – the intimate pursuit of another’s soul.

What We Do

Monthly discussions on the purpose and greatness of marriage directed by renowned Priests, Catholic Psychotherapists, and Consecrated men & women. Topics are both spiritual and practical and are designed to help young couples build a strong foundation for a life-long and fruitful marriage.

Mission Statement

The mission of Three to Thrive is two-fold in that its purpose is to form and connect young married couples to build a marriage for life.