What is a


Welcome to the Three to Thrive Partnership!

The divorce rates in our country are well-documented, but we here at Three to Thrive want to make divorce unthinkable. Sparked from a couples retreat in 2016 that left couples starving for further marriage enrichment, TtT has grown from monthly meetings in a small room at Birth Choice Dallas with a handful of couples to impacting the marriages of 350+ couples throughout the diocese. Like all non-profits, making our mission financially stable so we can continue to do God’s great work is always a challenge – that’s where you come in.

By Partnering with us, you are playing a critical role in building marriages for life. More specifically, you are helping cover our costs to pay our speakers, purchase food & drinks for our monthly meetings, develop top quality printed media to market our apostolate, maintain our online presence, pay for onsite childcare, and a number of other costs that go into driving our mission forwards. Think of it as part of your family’s monthly tithing if you’d like; after all, it IS tax deductible. 

By signing up for one of our three monthly Partnership contributions ($35, $50, and $100), you truly are partnering with TtT to form our engaged and newly married couples throughout the diocese. We also have a one-time donation option if that works better for you. For Partners who attend our monthly meetings, click here to see more about our TtT journal that you and your spouse will receive as a thank you gift for Partnering with us.

And as much as we like your money, we love your prayers, so please pray for us and we’ll do the same for you!

Thank you in advance!