Meet Our Founding Couple

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Ryan & Chelsea Harkins

We are Ryan and Chelsea Harkins, the founders of Three to Thrive. We were married on October 22, 2016, the feast day of St. John Paul II. When we were going through marriage prep, we realized there was not much out there to really provide couples with the accompaniment they needed before and after their wedding. We wanted all the info and resources we could get before our wedding as well as something to help us keep fanning the flame long after the excitement of the big day. At that time in 2016, we asked the priest who was preparing us for marriage to give us a personal day retreat. He said that if we gathered 10 other couples he would agree to it. So, we did and then some! Afterwards, the feedback was very positive as it seemed the Holy Spirit was moving these couples in a similar way as us-desire for more in their marriage. With that, Three to Thrive was born, starting humbly in the classroom of Birth Choice Dallas and eventually branching out to the parish where we currently host 30-40 couples each event. We are so blessed to be entrusted this ministry, and it’s our joy to give couples an opportunity to soak up spiritual and practical formation in a community of other engaged/newly married couples building a marriage for life!